Welcome to the Pierce County Minority Bar Association!

What is PCMBA?
Pierce County Minority Bar Association (PCMBA) is a minority bar association and affiliate of the Tacoma Bar Association, located in Tacoma, WA, advocating for equal justice under the law, for the minority communities of Pierce County.

Who Can Join PCMBA?
The membership of Pierce County Bar Association shall be open to any licensed attorneys, judges, court commissioners, law school graduates, and law school students who reside or practice law in Pierce County.

When Are PCMBA Meetings?
Meetings are being held via Zoom App, every third Tuesday of the month, at 5:30pm-6:30pm. Please contact PCMBA President Desiree Hosannah (desiree@dshlg.com) or Vice President, Katherine Kameron (kkameronlaw@gmail.com), for the zoom link to attend.

Who Do I Contact About Joining PCMBA?
Please contact PCMBA Treasurer, Keith Armstrong if you are interested in becoming a member; Keith@stronginternationallaw.com
PCMBA NEWS:  2023 Judicial Evaluations

The 2023 PCMBA Judicial Evaluations Committee receives multiple requests for evaluation from candidates seeking judicial appointment or otherwise expressing a desire to ascent to the bench. 

After interviewing each candidate, reviewing each candidate's submitted materials, and contacting their listed references, the Judicial Evaluations Committee has come to the following determinations regarding qualifications of each interviewed candidate to serve as judicial officers:

Candidate                                     Rating

Justice Stephen González            Exceptionally well-qualified
Judge Diana Lynn Kiesel               Exceptionally well-qualified
Commissioner Doris Walkins         Exceptionally well-qualified
Candidate Laura Anglin                 Exceptionally well-qualified